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Why Choose Us? 

We provide solutions to our clients complex  problems and also assist with the implementation of these client defined solutions by providing access to highly skilled resources. 

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At ModusBPS we pride ourselves on having the best people to deliver and meet your requirements...

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We have a framework that is agnostic of any business process documentation tools... 


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Receive accurate and immediate costing & timelines for your entire business projects - all Online. 

We have proven track records in delivering on our clients transformational requirements. Take a look at some of the examples below. 

Business Challenges:

Power Utility Business Re-Engineering

The utility needed to re-engineer their business processes to better utilise their ERP system in executing their business strategy.  ​

Delivered Solution :


An optimised set of standardized business processes based on the organisation's strategic objectives. The new processes where then used as the foundation for the ERP functional requirements for the SAP implementation.

Workers at Gas Plant

Outcomes :

  • Business Agility - The project enabled the business to better conduct informed and faster changes in the future, based on the visibility they now had of the businesses critical process.

  • Process automation - As the new processes where optimised some of the manual work was automated by the ERP System.

  • Reduction in errors - As processes were standardised across the different areas we saw a reduction in errors across the business.

  • Optimised ERP implementation - The functional requirements for the SAP implementation where now based on an optimised set of business processes thus enabling the business to better realise the benefits of using an ERP platform.

Laser Cutting Steel

Steel Provider Business Strategy Realisation

The business had a new strategy to pursue a modernised IT infrastructure and application solutions environment aimed at optimising the businesses performance throughout South Africa and it's neighbouring countries.


A component of the client's requirement was to identify and implement a new ERP solution that better suited their future strategic direction. 

Delivered solution :

  • Strategy alignment - Workshops were held to understand the strategic intent and how it would impact the business. The programme was  driven by utilizing "Modus Methods" which drives the analysis to cover all the core business domains of influence , namely organisational structure , products and services, business process, high level technology landscape and risk and compliance.

  • Optimised business - The organisation was optimised based on the selection and implementation of an ERP solution which would support all core business processes. All processes, functional specification and related training material  were documented and implemented using "Modus Methods". 

  • ERP Technology Review - A review was conducted based on the optimised business processes and functional requirements to determine which ERP system would best deliver on the organisation's strategy.

  • ERP implementation - ERP implementation was delivered that was aligned to the strategic and businesses needs.

Outcomes :

  • Optimised Enterprise Architecture Framework.

  • A re-engineered business that also leveraged key benefits such as the internet of things.

  • Optimised business processes that led to business cutting costs.

  • An ERP system aligned to the businesses strategic objectives.

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