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Process Management

ModusBPS is the Business Process Management Company.


Business Process Management is at the heart of every successful company or large scale project.


Getting your business processes “right”, is essential towards successfully managing every facet of the business.

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Transform Your Business

We are the specialists in helping businesses document, analyse and enhance their business processes, but more importantly we ensure your business processes are an asset to your organisation which can be used to re-frame and optimise your company’s Strategies, Operations and Application Systems.

Effective Business Process Management means:

  • Standardisation as a driver towards simplifying your company’s operations;

  • Reuse: Drive cost-savings and reduce time-to-process deployment;

  • End-to-End alignment: Create a common customer experience with transparency in process execution across the entire business;

  • Guide the whole organisation through the process development lifecycle;

  • Simplify Application Solutions and reduce time-to-delivery of all projects;

  • Ensure your projects deliver real value to the right audience.

ModusBPS utilises its process methods and practices to help you develop your Business Process requirements in an organised and structured fashion. These are based on standards, methods and practices designed to be appropriate for your business and industry. 



Our team will provide the level of support required to refine your strategies and offerings, align these to the Process Domain, design the Operating and Control framework and ensure the System and Infrastructure Solution is implemented successfully.

Transformation projects we have delivered include:

  • Business/Operating model redesign

  • Business Process re-engineering

  • Compliance and regulatory driven transformation

  • Transforming business to take new products and services to market

  • Business optimisation projects realised by IOT 

  • Business driven Machine learning, AI and analytics 

  • ERP implementations (SAP,Oracle and Sage)

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